Aman Academy, Loam, is a prime institution in this rural area providing state-of-the-art learning facilities with a commitment towards excellence in the field of education. To nurture the talents of our students and to help them develop a harmonious personality, a number of well organized and planned educational programs and projects are implemented effectively in this co-educational English medium progressive school. We strive hard to ensure that our students become disciplined, self reliant and proud citizens of the nation.


Our campus is situated on the Muriya-Raiyam Road, spread over an area of several acres comprising a well- equipped building, labs, playground and all modern amenities.


The renowned Aman Academy at Loam Darbhanga was started in a smaller old building in 2010. Being the first English medium school in the locality, the aim of the school was to be a torch-bearer in the region for ‘quality modern education based on the bedrock of Indian culture and values’. A larger block was added subsequently in 2015.

Aims & Objectives

Aims at quality education and pursuit of excellence in all fields and in life itself to inspire the student to be morally upright and possess qualities of integrity, truthfulness, honesty etc.

Propagates patriotic, social and ethical values for a responsible citizenship and to revive the past glory of Indian culture.

Ensures physical, mental and moral growth of the students and create in them a zest for learning.

Enlarges the mental horizons and broadens the outlook of the student through training in co-operation, consideration, team spirit and service

Judiciously kindles students’ aesthetic sensibility and inculcates habits of personal as well as social hygiene for a happy and healthy life.

Assists students to enjoy their leisure through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits for a lifetime of pleasure and joy.

Streamlines youthful energies properly towards creativity and self-actualization to enable students to be the leaders of tomorrow.


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