Science Laboratory

The school has a well equipped composite science laboratory with separate sections for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratory.

  • Physics Laboratory: The school has a well-equipped physics laboratory. In the laboratory, efforts are made to provide individual learning and experimentation time to the students to develop a high order of practical skills, analytical abilities and the opportunities to learn by doing.
  • Chemistry   Laboratory: We have a well-planned, fully –equipped and spacious laboratory. Acid-proof workstations fitted with L.P.G Borosil glassware, electronic balances are some added advantages. All necessary facilities are available for ensuring effective safety in the laboratory.
  • Biology Laboratory: A well-equipped and spacious Bioscience section has been established, having all ultra-modern facilities. Wide range of plants and animal specimens are available. Superior quality microscopes, chemical balance and water bath are available for effective experimentation. Facilities for performing dissections are present as per the modern standers. High quality preservatives like formalin are available for students to prepare their own specimens. Tool for First Aid are provided as a precautionary measure.

Computer Laboratory

Today is the age of Information Technology, and everywhere around us, computers are being used for the processing of information. To make our students aware of this technology, we have well-equipped laboratory with latest multimedia computers, having facilities to work on modern software with access to the cyber world through the Internet facilities. Additionally, through Digital Aided Learning softwares, this laboratory provides a platform to understand specific subject topics more concisely.

Mathematics Laboratory

This facility makes learning of Maths enjoyable and effective. The laboratory has several educational toys and instruments like Abacus, Sextant, models, charts, graph charts, 3D figures (like Cones, Pyramids, Cylinders) and 2D figures (like Circle, Square, Rectangles). Several paper folding activities make the teaching learning of Maths enjoyable.


A well stocked library is the foundation of modern educational structure. The library contains different national and international publications including competitive, scientific and artistic titles. Innumerable weekly, fortnightly, monthly magazines and newspapers are present in the library, including a wide range of audio visual content.

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